Precision Farming has become part of mainstream farming with virtually all farming operations being involved at some level. At Staines we specialise in providing solutions that can grow as your understanding and requirements change and advance over time.

As New Holland dealers, we have access to New Holland and Trimble branded precision farming products. We can assist you with your Precision Land Management (PLM) requirements irrespective of what branded machinery you run. Generally systems start with a basic display and you build from there to the level of accuracy and features your individual application requires. Some of the products we have on offer are:

New Holland Precision Farming Equipment

  • Intelliview IV - Display for vehicle and implement control
  • IntelliSteer - Autosteer platforms for all New Holland vehicles
  • IntelliTurn - End of row turn
  • Intellirate - Rate and section control
  • PLM Connect - Telematic technology

Trimble Precision Farming Equipment

  • XCN2050 - Latest in display technology
  • Next Swath - End of row turn
  • Vehicle Synch - Vehicle to Vehicle connectivity
  • FM1000 - Multifunction display
  • Auto Pliot - Electric auto steer option
  • Field IQ - Product control & boom height control
  • True Guide - Implement steer

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