Harvest Weed Seed Control: SIMPLIFIED with the SEED TERMINATOR!

Join the tribe of New Holland owners making the most of every pass with mechanical weed control at harvest.

Join the tribe of New Holland owners making the most of every pass with mechanical weed control at harvest. With 5 times less survivors than its nearest competitor, a history of continuous improvement and a range of mill techs available to suit your farming system, this future proof platform is hard to beat.

Our philosophy is to make the biggest possible difference to world food production. This means getting the best non-chemical weed control technology possible, to as many farmers as possible, as soon as possible, & as economically as possible. The only way to do this is to have a colourblind approach fitting to any harvester; have a low power draw to fit class 7-10 harvesters & a low capital cost. 



The Seed Terminator is a completely fresh look at mechanical devitalisation of weed seeds at harvest. It provides a simple one pass solution to harvest weed seed control. Weed & volunteer seeds present in the chaff material leaving the cleaning shoe are intercepted & pulverised. The processed material is spread back into the paddock to return nutrients & soil protective mulch. 


Multistage Hammer Mill – 96% Kill Rate

  • The Multistage Hammer Mill (MHM) uses a combination of shear, crush, attrition and high impact to kill weed seeds. 
  • It uses three stages of screens to classify material for size. The chaff material and weed seeds must be smashed small enough to fit through each stage of screens. 
  • Multiple stages enable high capacity while maintaining 96% kill at a range of rotational speeds from 2230 to 2950 RPM
  • - The MHM is made from heavy-duty, high grade case hardened steel, using CNC precision machining. 
  • CNC precision machining is also harnessed to make robust Tungsten Coated central replaceable flail hammers.

Aero-Impact 2.0 – 31% Reduction in Power

We know harvester capacity is key. So, we created Aero-IMPACT 2.0 with 31% Less power by using improved CNC machining for reduced turbulence & optimised residency time. It creates high airflow for maxumim capture of weed seeds, minimum disruption of the harvester sieves & minimises infeed blockages.   

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